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Emblematic Species Monitoring and Protection Project

Kapawi Ecolodge is situated within a community conservation area of approximately 3,000 hectares. Since Kapawi’s inauguration in 1996, the wildlife inside this conservation area has thrived, thanks to ecotourism. Howler monkeys and other species of primates, as well as ground mammals such as tapir, capybara, ocelot, deer, puma, peccary, and even jaguar can be found within this conservation area and natural preserve. We need to understand the wildlife dynamics within this area, to protect emblematic species, create local capacity to manage this area, and improve the traveler’s experience.

The purpose of the Emblematic Species Monitoring and Protection Project is to ensure that we can develop stronger forest management capacity and guardianship amongst the communities. To do this, we need to ensure access to information, adequate equipment and tools (e.g. camera traps), and make sure that this process has a strong presence of young leaders from the communities in forest monitoring and management. A strong component of this involves strengthening the collaboration between Kapawi Ecolodge and the local school in the community of Kapawi.

One of the current priorities of this ongoing citizen science project is to monitor wildlife with additional camera traps and training. Kapawi Ecolodge has invested in several camera traps that were installed in the preserve around the lodge. The images captured by the cameras are very promising, and show the opportunity to expand this effort to create an integrated wildlife monitoring program. This will help educate the local communities about the importance of protecting emblematic species for the benefit of the tourism community enterprise and for future generations.

As part of our commitment to regenerative tourism, a community-centered tourism model that goes beyond ecotourism to reinvest in the destination’s needs, we dedicate roughly 10% of our profit towards sustainability and community projects in the region. This model allows us to have a small fund to pilot these projects and support the Achuar communities of the region, however, we need to raise additional funds to continue improving these community projects.

Kapawi invites you to contribute to the Emblematic Species Monitoring and Protection Project with a donation. Your support will allow us to:

  • Purchase 20 camera traps that will be deployed in the different trails and trail system around Kapawi

  • Deliver capacity-building workshops and training events, so that the local population can monitor the forest while becoming forest conservation champions.

You can donate directly by reaching out to us at Your contributions are restoring one of our planet's most critical ecosystems and building a brighter future: for everyone! Thank you!


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