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Community Renewable Energy Development Project

Updated: May 31, 2023

In addition to our (12kw) system at the main lodge that provides photovoltaic energy for all of our guests needs. Kapawi supports the implementation of solar energy in the neighboring communities, and the development of alternative river propulsion systems powered by solar energy. The Achuar's main form of transportation between communities are small boats known as peque-peques, which are fossil-fueled powered and unfortunately, are one of the biggest polluters of the river ecosystems.

Kapawi has partnered with Universidad del Azuay and Fundacion Pachamama to develop 1 additional electric boat for community transportation and for taking our visitors out on river expeditions. This will reduce Kapawi's fossil fuel footprint and we are hoping to create a broader reduction in fossil fuel reliance in our region by implementing a community-wide electrification project that provides more solar development and electric boats for our neighboring communities. Kapawi has always been a center for innovation and community development amongst the Achuar communities, and we're currently supporting our neighboring communities to develop solar systems to expand our regional approach to sustainability.

As part of our commitment to regenerative tourism, a community-centered tourism model that goes beyond ecotourism to reinvest in the destination’s needs, Kapawi dedicates roughly 10% of our profit towards sustainability and community projects in the region. This model allows us to have a small fund to pilot these projects, however we need to raise additional funds to continue to operate these community projects.

Kapawi invites you to contribute to this Community Solar Energy Project with a donation. Your support will allow us to:

  • Develop a new solar boat for the local School at Kapawi and Kusutkau.

  • Install photovoltaic systems in the communities of Wayusentsa (to operate the local community ecotourism camp), and the community of Tsekunts (to run their communication system).

You can donate directly by reaching out to us at Your contributions are restoring one of our planet's most critical ecosystems and building a brighter future: for everyone! Thank you!


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